Our service advantage

What we do:

We meet the packaging needs of a large number of multinational, regional and local companies. We owe our success to our valued customers and reliable partners, both of which motivate us to move forward. We provide different kinds of environmental protection bags to meet the needs of different industries.

Industries We Cater To :

Packaging / Food / Homecare / Pet supply/ Other industries

Why Choose Us

Provides best packaging solutions, for primary secondary and end of line packaging needs at optimal costs.


Contact: Mr. Green Bear

Phone: 0086-17390079507

Tel: 0086-19965066805

Email: info@greenbearpkg.com

Add: No.7, South 1 / F, building 30, zone 5, dongjingkai, Zhuhai Road, Changchun Economic Development Zone

Whatsapp: 0086-18156832101

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